Tuesday, November 29, 2016

WHAT IS VERY STRANGE about Dr. Strange!

Last week I wrote a post about the film ‘Dr. Strange’ – about how much I liked it, especially in the context of the way it depicts MAGIC. I also pointed out some of the shortcomings of the manner in which this topic is addressed in the film. After many have read that post and I received many questions and comments about the film – about both its strong sides and its shortcomings – I will dedicate this post to a couple of key elements which unfortunately take this film in a very bad direction.

-      Warning: spoilers   -

Indeed, this film deftly approaches the topic of MAGIC – of the possibilities that open before us when we utilize more fully the Human Technology which is at our disposal (about this – read the previous post entitled ‘WHAT IS NOT SO STRANGE about Dr. Strange’). However, Human Technology, like any form of technology, is neither good nor bad – it is neutral. It can be used in constructive or destructive ways. The film makes a couple of choices, which subtle and hard to notice as they may be for some, are none the less taking the application of the principles presented in this movie into a disharmonious and a possibly destructive direction. These unfortunate choices are actually fundamental dilemmas that many spiritual practitioners who aim to better themselves face often on their path – and so we would benefit from understanding these.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

WHAT IS NOT SO STRANGE about Dr. Strange?

Last night I went to see the new film 'Doctor Strange'. I enjoyed this film very much. Beyond the great humor and spectacular effects – it also addresses a topic which is very dear to my heart – magic.