Saturday, April 27, 2013

Video: Experiecnes of a Tantric Couple - a lecture and workshop in the Tantrafestival, 20-21 April 2013

Last weekend, the 20-21 April 2013 i participated in the very first Tantrafestival in Århus - the 2nd biggest city in Denmark. We have already kept the Tantrafestival three times in Copenhagen - but this was the first time to keep it outside of Copenhagen. The tantrafestival is always a wonderful experience, but this time it was even more fascinating because of the new surroundings.
The Tantrafestival gathers many renowned Tantric teachers, practitioners, therapists, massagists, artists and more for two days of lectures, workshops, performances and debates - allowing the public to get an insight into the various approaches in the field of tantra. The tantrafestival in Århus was a great success and we will keep it there again next year. Soon, I will offer you here a beautiful video presentation of that event.

This time, i also had the chance to participate as a gust teacher in the festival. Together with my lover, Minodora, we kept a two hour lecture and workshop entitled 'The tantric love relationship - Experiences of a tantric couple'. I offer bellow the video of the first part of this lecture-workshop. In this part we present some principles and elements which can help make the couple relationship more harmonious, full of happiness and love, and more transforming. In the second part of the workshop we guided the participants in the practice of yogic postilions for couples (which allow harmonizing the energies of the couple and achieving much deeper intimacy on multiple levels) - but this part is not offered on this recording, yet if you like to experiment with these exercises for couples you are invited to the Tantra Summer Retreat for the happy couple-relationship, which will be kept in Paradise Retreat Center on 6-14 July 2013.

Keeping this lecture and workshop was a transforming experience for Minodora and I, and we are very delighted to share with others the elements which helped us find so much happiness.
I hope you find this useful, and intend to post more on this topic in the future.

In conclusion, i wish to thank the Tantrafestival team and all those who helped make it such a great success.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Video Blog: 3 reasons why it's hard to be old today - or - why we should live every day fully

I was asked today why is it that it seems that more and more people in the autumn of their lives today exist in a sorrowful state; Why is it that old age seems to be curse, while in the past it was considered to be the age of wisdom. I have been thinking about this issue for already several years and in my opinion this issue is connected to some fundamental questions that we should all ask ourselves - old and young alike. I share here with you in this video blog some thoughts on this matter.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Video Blog: Know where you are by knowing your states

Dear friends,
Following a presentation on this topic by my Tantra teacher Advaitananada, thre months ago, this issue has been on mind and in my heart. I here offer you a short video post with some thoughts on this matter:
What is a correct way to evaluate where we are on the spiritual journey, what level have we reached?

This is the first such video blog that I make, and it is an experiment. I will improve in the next posts the quality of audio and video. I will appreciate your feedback.