Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A spiritual note about Passover

2 days ago i was sitted at the table with 30 memebrs of my family, celebrating the Jewish holliday of Passover.
The celebration entails a feast which follows precise indications, step by step over several hours, with various texts which are read, toasts consecrated and symbolic gestures. For most this is just tradition - and tradition is not small matter for Jews. but for those who know the esoteric secrets behind this ritual - this festivity is full of deep meaning.

Monday, March 11, 2013

A remarkable initiaitve: Soteria International's Seminar: What is the Role of Spirituality in Modern Society?

3 months ago, on 8th of December 2012, i had the good fortune of participating in a ground-breaking event: a gathering of representatives of various spiritual paths, to discuss the role of spirituality in modern society.

The event was organized by Soteria International - an organization which is defending Spiritual Human Rights.
Soteria International aims to bring the notion of Spiritual Human Rights to the for-front of public dabte regarding human rights. Spiritual Human Rights involves protecting spiritual organizations and practitioners from prosecution, as well as promoting strategies for integrating spiritual principles in society as a solution to the problems that modern man faces today. Soteria functions as both a think tank and a network.
I myself am a member of the organization and it is a passion of mine. I will tell more in the future about Soteria International, but for now, if you want to know more, visit the site here: