Wednesday, November 23, 2016

WHAT IS NOT SO STRANGE about Dr. Strange?

Last night I went to see the new film 'Doctor Strange'. I enjoyed this film very much. Beyond the great humor and spectacular effects – it also addresses a topic which is very dear to my heart – magic.

-           Warning: spoilers    -

In this film, an egotic, proud and brilliant doctor loses the use of his hands in an accident. Having lost his career and his sense of identity he desperately looks for a way to heal himself – and so he discovers a master who initiates him in the secret arts of mystical magic.

While this issue may be considered by most as being just a fantasy – we must realize that all along human history we always called ‘magic’ things which we could not yet understand. For example – if we would go back in time to the Middle Ages and show those people a smartphone – they are sure to consider it an object of witchcraft, and us as sorcerers – which may end up quite bad for us since usually these would be thrown to a bonfire.

There is so much which we do not understand. There is so much that we do not yet know about the Universe. Medical science still cannot explain neither what defines life, what actually happens in the moment of Death, nor can it explain many cases of miraculous healing. Modern physics is still far from explaining many phenomena of the physical universe, such as how come that the Universe seems to be expanding in an accelerated manner. Since there is much we do not yet know – it is foolish and arrogant to consider that certain things do not exist just because we do not understand them yet.

In this film, Dr. Strange learns to access energies which reside in layers of the universe which are deeper than the physical level, learns to become aware of his ‘astral body’, learns to access parallel dimensions and more. As spectacular as these things sound – they are not the invention of a Hollywood screenwriter. These notions have been explored since thousands of years by many ancient traditions of the planet. In these forgotten times, wise men and women had a much more intimate knowledge of the Human Technology – being very aware of all the potential which we use. In comparison – today we use a very superficial part of our Human Technology and only little of our inborn potential.

Many of the ‘magical’ things described in this film are a matter of daily experience for practitioners of Yoga and Tantra who consciously explore their natural potentials – for the sake of transforming themselves to be in perfect harmony with the Universe. In fact, the film stops far short of the truly ‘magical’ transformations which a practitioner goes through – such as the experience of loving so intensely, so deeply and so consciously that the human love between the man and a woman expands to embrace the whole world and then becomes Cosmic, catapulting the practitioner to a state where he or she can come to touch the face of the Creator.

But – not all is good at all about this film – about this we will comment in the next post: WHAT IS VERY STRANGE about Dr.Strange!


  1. So true :) After I saw the movie I had similar thoughts...both inspiring and also saw ideas that were not in good direction. Looking forward to read your next post

    1. Thank you for the comment. here is the next post:
      let me know what ideas you have about this.

  2. Thanks, waiting for the next post! Was wondering what was their purpose of having the "people of light" using the "dark forces" as a support. It can be viewed under the principles of Yin and Yang, though I also thought of the new age usage of hallucinogenic substances as a door way to the realms beyond.

    1. Its very interesting this topic you raise. I didnt think about it. Well, we can consider it a matter of sublimating the energy form lower realms for superior purposes. But ofcourse, if oe doesnt know about sublimation (and this was not mentioned at all in the film) then it cna be easilt misunderstood.
      I think there are here 2 suggestions:
      1. true power is draen from the lower realms, not the higher ones.
      2. even the 'good onees' do it - so the bad guys are not realy bad. sometime for good you have to use the dark forces.
      ofcourse - both these suggestions are cunning ways to turn upside down the ideas of good and bad and of higher and lower. vry good you mentioned it. thank you.
      its also an interesitng idea what you mention about the use of hallucinogenics. perhaps you can expalin more about that?