Monday, May 13, 2013

A lie is the absence of truth - part 2: who are you calling a sect?

Dear readers, friends, practitioners of spirituality and lovers of truth - this post is the 2nd in a series of posts aiming to expose a grave case of media manipulation. In the following 2 Thursdays, on the Danish television station TV2 will be broadcasted a 2-part show aiming to slander Natha Yogacenter as a dangerous sex-sect.
Natha yogacenter is the school were i learn and teach, so i definitely have what to say on this topic - since i know this school inside out.
For those who haven't  read yet the first post in this series recommend to read it as it provides important background information. you can read it here.

 In this post I wish to show the severe and unethical manipulation of facts which is done in this upcoming show, as is already visible from the presentations about it which have been released. As you will see, Bubber (the journalist in question) uses as his sole source of information the slander of 3 disgruntled former students who have repeatedly spreading their lies against the school for years. It is according to their claims that he presents Natha as a sect. On the other hand, there are a stack of solid expert testimony which clearly conclude that Natha is not a sect - among which are the official investigation by one of the world's leading experts on sects and an investigation by the Copenhagen Municipality. Therefore, how come that this evidence was found not worth mentioning, while the gossip of 3 people who obviously have an invested interest was given paramount importance?
When a journalist is only presenting the information which fits with his agenda and hides anything that can contradict him this is nothing short then a lie. When this comes from the 'wach dog' of civil rights it becomes only more outragous.

In the words of  Fredrich Nietzche: “I'm not upset that you lied to me, I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you.” 

To expose all these facts, showing the clear manipulation, I am bringing you below an article just posted by my teacher Advaitananda on his blog:

When journalism is replaced with one-sidedness activism
Who are you calling a sect?
When we think of sects, immediately associations of manipulation and abuse arise. Who among us didn’t meet such accounts on newspapers or TV?
‘Sect’ is the new ‘S’ word – as it is today one of the most degrading slurs that can be used against a group or an organization. And the ‘S’ word is used with great ease, regardless of the devastating effect it has on those that it is flung upon. But apart from the pejorative  meaning given to this word, the journalist is committing another big error (crime?): replacing journalism with an aggressive form of activism that risk to threaten the very essence of this important work. Especially when the object of the journalistic attention is a social group that is engaged into a spiritual work …  the deviation can be immense and consequences bigger than one can estimate.

A lie is the absence of truth - part 1: an incoming media case

Dear readers, friends, practitioners of spirituality and lovers of truth I wish now to draw your attention on an unfortunately only too typical a case today of media manipulation. We can see such manipulation often, but this time it hit very close to home - this time the target is the yoga school where i study and teach, which I love - Natha Yogacenter.
 In the following 2 Thursdays, on the Danish television station TV2 will be broadcasted a 2-part show aiming to slander Natha Yogacenter as a dangerous sex-sect. Having been in in this school for 12 years, i think that if it was a sex sect i would know about it. But, don't take my word for it. 
In the next days and in a few posts I will follow this story and will expose compelling facts about this matter - showing the depth of the lie and the manipulation. Keep tuned and follow this blog and  you can expect some very interesting facts and materials on this.

First, for your background information, i offer in this post an article which my teacher Advaitananda posted on his blog already 3 months ago about the history of the communication between Natha and the leading charcter in the show in question - a danish journalist called Bubber. You will be able to clearly see from the way in which Bubber chose to contact Natha using lies and disguises in the beginning and then with very strange conditions that he was never interested in making an objective review of the school but rather was looking only for a scandal. So far of objective journalism - more like tabloidism.
Bellow, is the article from Advaitanada's Blog:

Where is the balance between rights and duties?
An incoming media case?

"Journalism is a guardian that never sleeps and protects the freedom of the people" - Winston Churchill"

Celebrating the fact that the Mayans apparently got their calculus wrong, elements from the Danish press are preparing to balance the things by putting an end to their loudly praised deontology. Appointed as the watch dog of our society in its highly important role of providing a voice for the public, the mass media is bound by a code of ethics and is accountable for its actions. However, the human element in this equation gives room for all the possible nuances of subjectivity to enter into the apparent search for truth and personal agendas and ulterior motives often dictate the outcome.