Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Video Blog: Know where you are by knowing your states

Dear friends,
Following a presentation on this topic by my Tantra teacher Advaitananada, thre months ago, this issue has been on mind and in my heart. I here offer you a short video post with some thoughts on this matter:
What is a correct way to evaluate where we are on the spiritual journey, what level have we reached?

This is the first such video blog that I make, and it is an experiment. I will improve in the next posts the quality of audio and video. I will appreciate your feedback.


  1. Hi Arthur, I like your talk here. The sound and visual quality could be improved though, and the sound is breaking up :9 good luck with your blog and may it grow as you grow :)

  2. @Sahajananda
    Thank you, sahaj. yes, you are right. This was a first experiment and i am looking into ways to improve the video and audio quality. I am happy you liked the presentation. More will come soon.