Monday, March 11, 2013

A remarkable initiaitve: Soteria International's Seminar: What is the Role of Spirituality in Modern Society?

3 months ago, on 8th of December 2012, i had the good fortune of participating in a ground-breaking event: a gathering of representatives of various spiritual paths, to discuss the role of spirituality in modern society.

The event was organized by Soteria International - an organization which is defending Spiritual Human Rights.
Soteria International aims to bring the notion of Spiritual Human Rights to the for-front of public dabte regarding human rights. Spiritual Human Rights involves protecting spiritual organizations and practitioners from prosecution, as well as promoting strategies for integrating spiritual principles in society as a solution to the problems that modern man faces today. Soteria functions as both a think tank and a network.
I myself am a member of the organization and it is a passion of mine. I will tell more in the future about Soteria International, but for now, if you want to know more, visit the site here:

This seminar included presentations and Q and A by a dozen speakers and ended with an exciting pannel debate. I served as co-moderator in this debate (together with two others of the members of Soteria), representing Soteria International as an umbrella under which spiritual practitioners and activists from different disciplines and domains may meet and converse. Our one commitment is to the truth - since if the debate is resting on true foundations, the outcome will always brings us closer to wisdom.

I share with you bellow the recordings of the final debate of the seminar.
Elizabeth Knox from the Evangelical Lutheran Church, being State Church of Denmark
Ole Therkelsen from the Martinus Institute
Dada Krsnasevananda from Ananda Marga
Bashy Quraishy from the European Muslim Initiative for Social Cohesion (EMISCO)
Chaitanya Candra from the International Society for Krishna Consciousness
Birthe Heldt from the Church of Scientology
Advaitananda Stoian from Natha Yogacenter

This seminar marked for me a road sign that we are approaching a golden-age. the site of such spiritual practitioners, meeting in a place of truth, raising questions that are not often asked and looking for the answers with courage and integrity - made my heart over flow with joy.

I wish you all to find this debate as fulfilling as it is for me.

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